Easy Social Media Management

Manage your multiple social media networks from a single app. Enhance your presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get more likes, followers, shares and retweets.

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Get Social Media Trends In Real Time

The content which is hot is the best to interact with! See what’s trending on Social Media in Real Time. Know exactly what is going viral and be the first to share it! Always be the first to know what's trending!

Grow Your Social Media Networks

Show your posts to an entirely new audience to grow your social media network. Easily add suggested hashtags to your posts to get more likes, shares, retweets and followers!

A powerful social management tool which allows you to combine your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook into a single app. You can view the news feed of each network in a combined timeline and like, comment or reply directly to posts. FAME allows you to see your social impact in new and exciting ways which help you understand the best times to post and watch your network grow over time.

Features include:

  • Schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter for maximum impact
  • Easily add Hashtags to Twitter and Instagram posts
  • View all your timelines in one place
  • Like, comment and reply to posts
  • Be the first to see top trending posts